Looking for a way to challenge yourself and achieve results that you never imagined? Then look no further than 3DFit Ultimate Fitness Arena. We offer 3 unique structured programs designed to help you transition into a fitness lifestyle change. At 3DFit, we recommend “new-comers” to begin with our Extreme36 Six Week Challenge, which is our beginner level challenge. Followed by our Advanced Extreme36 Six Week Challenge and finally our Bikini Boot Camp Challenge. For the fellas, we do offer a Brute Challenge which is a very flexible option for men to change their diet and lifting habits.

All of our challenges come with dietary structure as well as weight room performance guidance. In reference to nutrition, our aim is not to just drop your calorie count and make a temporary “skinnier” version of yourself. At 3DFit, the goal is to help you make incremental and sustainable changes to your nutrition habits. These changes will help you retain muscle and burn fat without making you feel like you have to starve yourself.

Check out our challenges individually listed under this tab or call us directly during our business hours to speak with one of our representatives!

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