Class Packages & Pricing

Class Information

CARDIO CLASSES All cardio classes are 60 minutes except Tabata (45 min) and Intense30 (30 min) and will typically be held in the cardio room

WEIGHT TRAINING CLASSES  All Weight training classes are 60 minutes and will be held in the gym

Pricing Information

BRUTE CHALLENGE – For the boys! Similar to our Extreme36 Six Week Challenge, members are provided with nutrition guidelines, a workout plan and coaching. The focus is to improve physique and muscle definition, so there will be testing to track progress! Additionally, you will have access to the front gym (during business hours) in order to complete workouts provided weekly by instructors. Tom Burick is leading this challenge, and he is a professional bodybuilder with IFPA and NGA so his expertise in nutrition and fitness has no ceiling.

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UNLIMITED GROUP WEIGHT TRAINING – Not only will you get an amazing hour-long workout, you will also learn proper form for a variety of different exercises, find ways to mix up your workouts to keep them fun, and train the right way for the body you’ve always wanted! Train with a trainer every single group weight training session.

Single Class – $25

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1 month – $125
2 months – $225
3 months – $300
1 year – $1,200
1 Year Contract – $100/month  ($25 registration fee for the first month)

UNLIMITED GROUP CARDIO CLASSES – Your Unlimited Group Fitness Classes are all your cardio classes. With all our upbeat trainers, weight training has never been so easy. You won’t know where the hour went!

Single Class – $20
1 month – $65
1 year – $650
1 Year Contract – $65/ month  ($25 registration fee for the first month)

EXTREME 36 ADVANCED CLASSES – Classes are a free flow blend of weight training, turf movement, and pit exercises. Typically structured for members of the Advanced Extreme 36 Challenge, but they are available for anyone with advanced passes!

Single Class – $25
10 Passes – $100
20 Passes – $200
30 Passes – $300

PREMIUM CLASES – Premium classes are for members who are looking for the next step up from Cardio and Weight Training Classes. The passes are used for any of our Warrior Pit, Jungle Gym, or Turf Classes!

Single Class – $25

4 Passes – $88
8 Passes – $160
12 Passes – $210
24 Passes – $360

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90 MINUTE BOOTCAMPS – 90 Minute Bootcamps are an intense workout with full access to all of our equipment! Typically, we rotate our most skilled trainers for this class and encourage them to be creative with the workouts!

Single Bootcamp – $30
2 Bootcamps – $55

KID’S SPORTS CONDITIONING – We love to work with the little ones too! Helping improve coordination and promote an active lifestyle from an early age is important. Typical classes include: agility drills on the turf, sand pit workouts, safety/intro to the weight room, weighted ropes, TRX Ages 9-16.

Single Session – $15
6 Weeks (1 Session per week) – $75

PERSONAL TRAINING – Train one on one with a certified personal trainer to focus solely on your fitness needs physically and nutritionally. Some of the best results derive from one on one training!

Single Session – $75
4 Sessions – $280
8 Sessions – $550
12 Sessions – $780
24 Sessions – $1,500
36 Sessions – $2,160
50 Sessions – $2,750
Contract – 4 sessions a month for $200/month – Six Month Minimum Required

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