I am an RYT200 Certified Yoga Instructor and I joined the 3D staff when the new facility opened in July 2015. Yoga has brought me an incredible sense of empowerment, strength, and flexibility and I am honored to have the opportunity to help so many work to achieve those same goals.

My own personal fitness quest at 3D started November 2015.  Teaching yoga classes at 3D, I witnessed some amazing transformations happening right before my eyes and soon decided that I wanted to be part of that process….changing my lifestyle and eating habits was long overdue so I jumped right in. Along with my own personal yoga practice every day and teaching 3 classes each week, I added weekly 1:1 personal training, cardio classes, group training, bootcamps – and earlier this year broke through what I thought were my own personal limits with Extreme Bikini Camp – and I loved every crazy minute of it. To bring my newfound love for health and fitness full circle, beginning September 2017 I will be a coach for the Extreme 36 Challenges.  Whether teaching yoga classes or as a challenge coach, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and to empower and motivate those who are struggling or unsure where to start.  Incorporating yoga into your overall fitness venture will make you stronger physically and emotionally, and bring fitness of body and mind to a whole new level!


  • YOGA-POWER FLOWTue 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm